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Southwell Brothers Genealogy

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  gender Preston, Susan Frances (1895– )

  gender Robins, Alfred (1829–1913)

  gender Robins, Charles (1860–1860)

  gender Robins, Edward John Cookworthy (1830–1918)

  gender Robins, Ida Southwell (1860–1953)

  gender Robins, John (1790(– 1870)

  gender Robins, Mary (1860–1894)

  gender Robinson, Charlotte (1834–1874)

  gender Robson, Henrietta (Harriet) (1876–1973)

  gender Rogerson, Charles Frederick Southwell (1855–1856)

  gender Rogerson, Charles John Christopher (1822–1858)

  gender Rogerson, Ethel Eliza (1856– )

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